Friday, December 2, 2011

Universal Connection

 I dig deep,

                                   To feel the evidence of me.

I scratch my tawny skin, and watch

                                   Stardust fall on the surface.

It reminds me that I belong here.

                                    I am your connectivity,
                                    Your power surge.

We are whorling embers

Streaming from chaos.

          The alien ore is OUR soul,


Creating new worlds in our desire.

Dancing across the night sky,


Atoms stream from your mouth,

                       The brain matter of your philosophies,

                       Radiate erudite in all its complexities

                       Enfold like silken webs into my extremities, 

                       In surging waves, 


It reanimates into a lifeform.

As fragile as glass, 

                       Iridescent pyrite glimpses 

                       Like kisses upon humanity

Yet expansive beyond the far fletched fecundity

                       To gather momentum,

                       Ready to implode.

To generate more of US.

                       Sparks like comets,

                        Fall from our eyes.

                        Our words are gods

In this dark cafe.

© 2011 Zollies-Spot


  1. Thank you Michael! So glad you liked this piece. I was thinking today how we are all connected to the universe when I was listening to scientist, Neil DeGrasse, and when he said that we are all made up of parts of the universe and that is how we are connected. It was so beautiful when he said, "We are star stuff. We are star dust." It really resonated with me. xoxox